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Lauren Cavalli


Owner/Executive Director

Progressive Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a vision of an inclusive, equitable, affirming, and accepting world. I am deeply rooted in trauma-informed, assent-based, and neuro-affirming principles, both as a practitioner and a leader.

As an organizational and community leader, my mission is to foster environments that prioritize the well-being of individuals, embracing practices that are not only ethical but also contribute to a sense of safety and respect. I am fervently passionate about forging community partnerships and promoting collaborations between resources, recognizing the collective strength that arises from unified efforts.

My advocacy extends to overcoming the history of bad behavior analytic practices and trauma-causing treatments, steering the field towards abuse-free, neuro-affirming, and assent-required care. I believe in the transformative power of ethical practices, and I am committed to playing a pivotal role in advancing the field responsibly.

Let's work together towards a future where every individual experiences understanding, acceptance, and support on their unique journey.

Lauren Cavalli

Favorite Food

Fun Fact

Classically trained in the Harp.

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